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This year at the miniature show the theme was patios and gardens. Braxton Payne, as always, came up with a superb vignette, a patio based on a French Quarter patio, or what one might look like. I don't know if he had a particular one in mind or not.

front of patio

For the front entrance, as it were, there is a vine climbing up the wall, so I added greens to the plastic holder for my battery for my lamp. A flat printed lamp was supplied with the kit, but I decided it needed the real thing. Byt searching through several pages of lamps, I finally found the one I wanted. I still intend covering the wire that shows in a bit of greenery, too.


Of course, I also decided I needed a flagstone floor. I got the flagstones, which are called faux marble tile kit, are in reality Buckeye Burl wood. I got the random shaped pieces from Steve Goode, of S. H. Goode & Sons, in California. After laying them down, you sand them even, and then give them a coat of Deft, and voila, flagstones. It took awhile, but it was worth it.


But if you've gone this far, who wants paper bricks? Right. I again went to catalogs, and found both loose bricks, and those fastened to a netting. I got both. I used the ones already spaced for the large section, and used the single bricks to fit into the border spaces, cutting them accordingly. As you know, you don't have to be crazy to be a miniaturist, but it sure does help.

When I heard that the vignette for this year was a patio, I wanted one in the worst way, because for my golden jubilee I had received a metal table and chairs meant for the outdoors. I thought this would be the perfect setting for them. The person who gave them to me saw them in the Smithsonian catalog, and just had to get them. I had been wondering what kind of scene I could make, and the patio was just perfect.

I have purchased flower kits from Karen at the miniature show each year, hoping some day to have a good place to display them. Low and behold, lining the wall, just adding the right amount of color to the scene, are several pots of flowers and plants. The hanging plant is from her, also. Perfect. There were a few items from tote bags of former years that went with the scene as well, like the place mats and napkins, and the sandwiches. I purchased the iced tea at the show, already made up. I haven't ventured into the realm of making iced tea, yet.