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Federation  Pictures  for  Identification

This pre-federation picture was taken in Evansville, Indiana in December, 1958. While I had the names of the Sisters, there were no last names given, and I matched them up to the best of my ability. Please check the pictures and the names, to see if I have the correct name and monastery with each Sister.  Please send email

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1.   Sr. Mary Michael (Georgia) Ryan New Orleans.
2.   Sr. Mary Michael McMullon Victoria, B.C.*
3.   Sr. Mary Paschal Burnaby, B.C.**
4.   Sr. Mary Angela Spranger Minneapolis
5.   Mother Mary Anetta McGillis Memphis
6.   Mother Mary Stella McCormack Evansville
7.   Mother Mary Philomena MacSwain Victoria, B.C.*
8.   Mother Mary Maddalena McKinnon St. Louis
9.   Mother Mary Agnes MacDonald Burnaby, B.C.**
10.  Mother Mary Charitas Rogers Bordentown
11.  Mothe Mary Francis Kofmehl Omaha
12.  Mother Margaret Mary Johnson New Orleans
13.  Mother Mary Leonarda Burns Memphis
14.  Mother Mary Magdalen Burns Bordentown
15.  Mothe Mary Anthony Lount Spokane
16.  Sr. Mary Philippa Rademaker St. Louis
17.  Mother Mary Teresa Grell Sauk Rapids
18.  Sr. Mary Agnes Maguire Omaha
19.  Sr. Mary Constance Evansville
20.  Mother Mary Anne Condon Minneapolis
21.  Sr. Mary Magdalen Fuchs Sauk Rapids
22.  Mother Mary Clare Smith Spokane

*Duncan, B.C.    **Mission   

Please give me the names of those who have gone back to their baptismal name, if this will help some people in recognizing the Sisters.

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