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Clem and Mary Louise Wassmer Family, April 1978

Clems family
Back row, men: Sons Don, Bill, Charles Huelsman (Pat's husband), John, Jerome.
Middle row: Marilyn (Don's wife), Eileen (Bill's wife), daughter Pat, Mary Louise, daughter Kathy, Sharon (Jerome's wife), grandson John (of Don & Marilyn) on end.
Front row far left: grandchildren, Stan (Pat and Charlie Huelsman's son), Gayle Sue (Bill and Eileen's daughter), little girl in front is Lisa (Jerry and Sharon's daughter), Brianna (Pat and Charley's daughter), Lori (Jerry and Sharon's daughter), Brad (Pat and Charley's son), and on end is Jeff (Don and Marilyn's son).
Missing from picture,Rhonda (Bill and Eileen's daughter), Stacey and Stephanie (Pat and Charley's daughters).