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Andy and Bertha Wassmer Family, April 1978

Andy's family

1. Mary Wassmer Roberts (daughter of Andy and Bertha) 2. Don Roberts (husband of Mary) 3. Tina (daughter of Mary and Don) 4. Kristi (daughter of Mary and Don) 5. Bertha Wassmer (wife of Andy) 6. Andy Wassmer 7. Paul Wassmer (son of Andy and Bertha) 8. Diane (wife of Paul) 9. Jody (son of Paul and Diane) 10. Jeffrey (son of Paul and Diane) 11. Jonelle (daughter of Paul and Diane) 12. Andrew (son of Andy and Bertha) 13. Betty (wife of Andrew) 14. Andrea (daughter of Andrew and Betty) 15. Marcus (son of Andy and Bertha) 16. Kay (wife of Marcus) 17. Michael (son of Marcus and Kay) 18. Elizabeth (daughter of Marcus and Kay
Missing from the picture: Henry and Henrietta (twins of Andy and Bertha), and Joe (son of Andy and Bertha) Also Tommy, (son of Andrew and Betty, since killed in auto accident)