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Marcus Wassmer Family

Marcus was the oldest of Wendelin's ten children, and only three of the ten had children of their own. Marcus was born in 1843 and died in 1918. He married Magdalena Miller in 1869. She was born in 1850 and died in 1939. She was the daughter of Andrew (1808-1894) and Christina (1825-1906) Miller.

The following are the children of Marcus Wassmer and Magdalena Miller:
  1. CHRISTINA     B-1870   D-1880
  2. CATHARINA     B-1871   D-1943
  3. ANDREW     B-11-9-1872   D-5-4-1941
  4. JOSEPHINA     B-1-10-1874   D-7-2-1874 (summer complaint)
  5. WENDEL     B-1875   D-1956     Married in 1939 to Magdalena Koester. No children.
  6. JOHN (Schuster)     B-1876   D-1955 Never married. Lived at home.
  7. SOPHIA     B-1-14-1878   D-9-14-1878
  8. MARCUS JR.     B-1879   D-1910 (I never knew Marcus, because he died long before I was born. My dad said that he had been out in the field working one day, and was very hot. When he got back to the house, he went down in to the damp root cellar, got a chill which turned into pneumonia, and died.)
  9. NICKOLAS     B-5-21-1880   D-June 1965 After his wife died in childbirth, his in-laws raised his children and he returned to live at home most of the time.
  10. CHRISTINA     B-11-10-1881   D-1936
  11. CHARLES     B-12-5-1883   D-12-6-1962
  12. JOSEPH     B-3-22-1885   D-8-21-1967 Never married. lived at home.
  13. VERONICA     B-1886   D-1943 Never married. Lived at home.
  14. THOMAS     B-3-7-1888   D-1-2-1985 Never married. Lived at home.
  15. HERMAN     B-4-30-1889   D-7-6-1889
  16. ALBERT     B-10-4-1890   D-7-13-1966 Never married. Lived at home.
  17. MAGDALENA     B-5-13-1892   D-11-27-1973

    All the ones colored this way are the only ones who had children. Just think how many descendants there would have been if all the children of Marcus and Magdalena had married and then had children of their own!

    Marcus Family
    John, Wendel, Andrew, Catherine(Katy), Marcus, Magdalena, Christina(Teenie), Nick, Marcus, Charles, Joe -- Front row: Tom, Veronica, Lena, Albert

    When the children reached 21, Marcus told them that they could now leave home and get a job elsewhere and keep the money they made, or they could stay at home and work on the farm there, and he would pay them what he could. Until they were 21, the boys were required to turn over to their dad any money they made working for others. It took a lot to support a family of thirteen, the most children living at any one time. Remember, in those days there were a lot of infant deaths. Three of their children died before they were one year old, and their first-born died at the age of ten.

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