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Hand-painted Ornaments


In 1988, seeking another item to add to my table at our pre-Christmas Sale, I started making ornaments of the buildings and other attractions of New Orleans. That first year I had 7 designs. The next year I added 3 more designs, and when the following year I heard people starting to ask what the new ornament was for that year, I thought I had a winner. I just didn't know how great a winner the ornaments would be. I now have 34 designs, available in our local gift shop.


Shotgun House: This is a single shotgun, one room wide, and the rooms line up one behind the other. It is said that if you shot a gun through the front door, it would go out the back door. This sketch was taken from several pictures of shotguns that I have, and is no individual house, though several people have said that it had to be the house they grew up in. Nothing that I say can convince them otherwise.


Cathedral: built on the site originally set aside for the church in 1721, this particular building was completed in 1851. St. Louis Cathedral is the second oldest cathedral in the U.S.


Beauregard-Keyes House: Built in 1826, General Beauregard lived here for a short time in 1866. The famous author, Frances Parkinson Keyes, restored the building and lived here from 1942-1970. The gallery was added after 1865.

Betty's House

Betty's House: This beautiful three-story townhouse, with the distinctive iron lace gracing the upper galleries, was probably built before 1852. as of 1-9-02