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Photoshop 5

It was an interesting lesson. I had trouble getting "baby" saved as a jpg. I still don't know what I am doing wrong, but I'm saving it as a psd, because the jpg won't come up for me in the list of choices, then I copy it, and it turns into a jpg, then I go back and erase "copy" from it, and delete the psd one. The second photo is a black and white shot that I took years ago of the Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter, and then I placed my cousins in the picture, taken this past summer on their front step. I liked combining the black and white with the color. I did this last week, but not with this method. This way proved much easier, and it came out nicer.

baby in forest Cafe du Monde wet dog

I played with the filters a long time, and selected these five of the same thing, jester, to save:

jester1 jester2 jester3 jester4 jester5

I was not too happy with the initials. I hope to get a tablet to use with the computer, and do better the next time. Here are the last two images for this lesson.

cropped photo monogram