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Come And See

So how about it? Come and see what miniatures exist, and marvel at their realism. If you are in Chicago, be sure to see the Thorne Rooms in the museum there. Unbelievable. I've only seen pictures of them, myself. Visit a miniature store if there is one near you, as they often have finished houses on display. Go to a miniature show, just during the public days for the first time. The local show has the show room open to the public on Saturday and Sunday afternoons of the week-end show time, and there are exhibits on view, too. The NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) shows have an exhibition room as well as a show room, and there you can see all kinds of wonderful things. They have public days, also. The people registered for the show have the run of the place during all four days that most shows last, including more time in the show room, but for the first time, just come and see. And seeing is believing.

Pictures from various miniature shows and my own miniatures, as well.

Cafe Du Monde
My Art Studio
Sister Bernadette

The first picture is the Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter. This is a facade made by Braxton Payne for the Gulf South Miniature Show several years ago. I copied the silhouettes Braxton had done for the inside of the cafe, painted them in color, painted the sky and one tree in the background, bought HO figures, made a bench and tree, and came up with this scene. Each year Braxton Payne makes a facade for the Show, buildings from around New Orleans. Each registrant receives one. They are not painted, so that part is up to you.

The second picture is a vignette of my art studio that I donated for the auction to benefit the Kidney Foundation. Almost everything in the scene was made from scratch, including the cupboard and chair. Of course I did buy the casters for the chair. The painting on the easel is of the miniature horses in Brenham, Texas.

I hear that every miniaturist has a project that has been sitting around for some time, unfinished. If that's what it takes to be a miniaturist, then I am a full-fledged one. I am working on the ranch office as Sister Bernadette had it. A friend made the Bernadette doll for me, but I made all the furniture based on the kind she had in her office. The office itself is still in progress.

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