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Old pictures, I have plenty of! I got carried away, and colorized two pictures.

Aunts Fronie and Kate, grey scale Aunts Fronie and Kate, colored

This picture must have been taken over a hundred years ago, because Fronie and Kate were born in 1858 and 1861. I have no idea what the background is. I just pulled colors out and tried several for the background. They were old maids, never married, lived together all their lives, and died just two years apart, in the 1930s. I made it a grey scale, and took it from there.

happiness is a stuffed bunny, sepia happiness in color

This picture was taken in the early 1930s. I changed it from sepia to grey scale, and proceeded from there. I added the "color" in the layer blend mode on all the layers except the background. It seemed to help, bringing out the shading. I used layer opacity at 50% for all but the dress, which is 70%, and the sky, which is 33%. If you look very closely, I added color to the bunny's eye, and to his ribbon. I used to use photo oil colors and tint portraits that I took. I rather enjoyed doing that.

Miniature Horse Ranch Bernadette Minaiture Horse Ranch with horse

This is a bit different. I took my pencil sketch of the entrance of the Miniature Horse Ranch in Texas, and colored it. Then I took the picture of Bernadette with one of the horses hitched to a bike (buggy), in color, and reduced it, mirrored it and fitted it in the driveway. I tried to get Bernadette and the horse lighter, but somehow it didn't work. Maybe if I started from scratch all over again, I could get the colors better. I did lighten the original postcard, but when I copied it into the scene, it seemed to revert to its former darker colors. Any suggestions? I used layer opacity 89% for her. Less seemed to make her look like a ghost in the picture.

Miniature Horse Ranch with horse

I did this one over, and hope it looks a little better than the one above.

The lessons are great. Even though I did some of the things in different classes, each class adds something new. Thanks for all your work.