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crib, original crib, gamma crib, curve

The first picture is the original. The second one was corrected using the gamma correction, red .94, green 1.70, blue 1.70. The third one was the curve, but I don't know the settings. I keep on trying things, and then forget to mark down what I did.

original, Christmas tree Christmas tree tree, histogram function

This Christmas tree was under-exposed to get the effect of the lights, etc. I experimented with it to get other effects. The first one is the original, the second one is histogram adjustments: luminosity 1.56, high 190; green 1.00, 155; blue 1.00, 104 high; red 1.00, 247 high. The last one, I used the equalizer -- I think. It was an interesting experiment, anyway.

Santa Fe, original Santa Fe, histogram functions Santa Fe, equalizer

I was forced to take some pictures at a time of day that was not conducive to what I wanted. Is there any way I can brighten up the right hand corner, or have I lost all detail, regardless? I tried curves and brightness, but nothing lightened the right hand corner. The first picture is the original. The second one, I used the histogram functions, equalized first, then midtone compress, 21 red, 235 green, 17 blue. The last picture, I have marked in my notes: green channel, R 6, G 100, B 14. I was not satisfied with any of them, but thought you might have a comment on a solution -- outside of going back to Santa Fe and taking the picture over again.

I greatly appreciated all your work on this class, and am very glad I took it. Vikki had suggested that I do so.