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heart heart face

Valentine's Day is coming up. I did this from an elipse. Okay, so after I finished the first heart, I added a few things to it.

align pentagon pentagon

Here are a few alignments. The first one is aligned, top. The middle one is the pentagon shape, space evenly horizontal. On the triangles, I pulled them into different shapes before aligning them.


I was just playing around with some of the preset shapes, and ended up with this.


I realized too late that this wasn't the best type to use for the deforming vector group example. It may not look so great, but I learned a lot from it. I had done this fish for another class, but then had to do it all over again, so this was done from scratch. I used the elipse for everything but the cop's cap, which was the rectangle, and the star, which was from preset shapes.

Thanks for all things I am learning in these classes.