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boat at sunset

Never believe a photo again! I enjoy putting pictures together, though. In the darkroom you have to make a double exposure, with a mask over part of it. Much simpler this way.

first circle second circle third circle

An interesting experiment. I kept on losing my work, and started over several times. Also, the texture circles weren't lined up correctly at first. I had to do the settings at 50%.

artist art room artist in vignette

I did a bit of re-sizing as well. The first picture is of me in my art room. The second picture is a vignette (miniature, 1 inch = 1 foot) that I made of my art room. I placed myself in the vignette. Like I say, don't believe everything you see.
Those of you interested in my ornaments that I was making over the Christmas shopping days, go to I'll post more later.