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Horses in Miniature

Miniatures aren't in houses only. When I said I would be at a miniature show, a friend came, expecting to see miniature horses. Monastery Miniature Horse Ranch True, I have gone to our monastery in Brenham, Texas to help with the tours at the Monastery Miniature Horse Ranch, so here are some of the miniature horses for you to see.
in the bluebonnets
Bluebonnets, the wildflower of Texas, and horses -- what better combination. Sister Bernadette, the nun in the back, is the one who started the Monastery Miniature Horse Ranch. She was well-known throughout the area. In fact, throughout the world. One day she received a letter from England simply addressed to Sister Bernadette, stud farm, U.S.A.
angela in bluebonnets
horse to cart
me, holding filly
young colt, close-up
If you would like to see more miniature horses, click this link
Monastery Miniature Horse Ranch

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