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The War Years

Marcus Wassmer was called to serve in the War Between the States on August 12, 1862. His enlistment was for three years.

Andy said that Grandpa could talk for hours about the war, but my dad only told me a few stories about Grandpa in the War. He said that Marcus was used to getting his own way, so when he overslept one morning and didn't get up in time for Reveille, he was given guard duty that night as punishment. Marcus decided he'd show them, and deliberately slept in the next morning. After getting guard duty two nights in a row, he finally decided he had better get up on time, anyway. So ended his rebellion in the Union Army.

Marcus belonged to Company E, 91 Regiment Indiana Infantry. He was honorably discharged on June 26, 1865, at Salisbury, North Carolina. He had his discharge papers framed.

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