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Smaller Is Better

Good things come in small packages proves true in the miniature world. One of the fastest-growing collectors' items is miniatures of all kinds. Dollhouses aren't for children any more, or at least not for children to play with. Not when you pay as much for the miniature item as you do for the full-sized product. How about a desk for $350.00? I am speaking of one that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

The world of miniatures and miniaturists is a fascinating one. Miniaturists are some of the most caring people, always looking out for each other, always willing to help one another in any way possible. Not only do they care for people, they care for detail and historical accuracy in the houses and scenes they build, too.

Small Stuff Digest

This shows up especially in Small Stuff Digest, an on-line digest where anyone who is a subscriber, and the subscription is free, can write in via email and post a question, make a suggestion, tell of a great find in the Dollar Store, or answer someone else's query about anything pertaining to miniatures.
Where can I obtain a mouse's skull?
Does anyone know how to tan the skin of a mole?
Never, ever, open a tube of crazy glue by holding the cap in your teeth while twisting the tube.
Be careful about saving cats' whiskers. Some people may doubt your sanity.
Where can I get a suit of armor?
How do you make birds' nests?

These are just some of the questions you may see in Small Stuff Digest. Incidentally, the mouse skull and the tanned hide of the mole were to be used in making a realistic bear skin rug. Other postings will ask about the possibility of a ride to a show, or sharing a room. Still others will tell about a miniaturist that is in the hospital. Another person may ask if anyone has the email address of someone, or there may be a question whether a certain miniature store is still in existence, or where a certain product is available. Often the question refers to a way of making a certain miniature, or how to fix a problem that someone is having with building a miniature, whether it be a house or a single object, such as a garden hose.

The "SS"rs, as we call ourselves, look to meet each other at a show someplace, and Tracey designed a badge that we could wear to be recognized easily. After reading the postings of certain people, you feel you already know them, but since we are from around the world, we may consider each other as good friends, and never met face to face before. I have two such friends in Australia, and I have had the pleasure of meeting one of them, and her husband, when they were visiting in New Orleans.

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