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Vignettes and Room Boxes

At the shows, there are workshops that you can sign up for, and make a scene or room box or vignette or a particular miniature. In New Orleans, we have what is called the largest workshop,

library vignette
where over 300 people work on the vignette that is supplied by the Kidney Foundation, the ones putting on the Gulf South Miniature Event. Few finish the vignette, some because they want to do something different with part of it, or simply run out of time. I waited to finish mine a few years ago, because I wanted to make mine into a library. Here is the wing-back chair, ottoman, end table, and magazine rack that I made from scratch. It is the one-inch scale, and only shows one corner of the library room.

Other side of library Here is a shot of the other side of the library vignette. In this particular year, we could make the vignette either into a nursery or a library. I chose to make it into a library, with bookcases on either side of the stained glass window. This particular year I went for a home visit, and several of my cousins bought me things for the library. Gene bought the chess set, Rita bought the table it is on, Vera Mae bought the globe, and Johnny gave me money for anything else I thought of. Some friends at the Show gave me spending money, too, and I bought the skrimshaw at the Show itself. The painting of the horse on the wall is only taken from a catalog, mounted on cardboard, varnished and framed to look like a painting

Another year the vignette was a miniature miniaturist's workshop. Here are two views of it. Everything in it was donated by people taking part in the Gulf South Miniature Show, both the collectors and the dealers. Often a miniature club will get together and make something for the tote bags that everyone gets along with the free vignette. miniature workshop, side view tool bench and tools

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