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Do you have an interest in a certain time period, or a certain craft? If you are a carpenter, you may enjoy building a house just like the one you grew up in. Or maybe build your dream house in miniature. Or you could build it from one of the many kits, with all styles and kinds of houses from simple cottages to ornate Victorian mansions. If you like to decorate your house, you could design the curtains and drapes, paints and wallpaper, furniture and knick-knacks to your heart's content. One man got so tired of his wife re-arranging their house and re-decorating it, that he finally gave in to her request for a dollhouse so she could concentrate on decorating that house and leaving the one they lived in the way it was.

Or maybe you like to make jewelry. Jewelers style candlesticks and dishes, pitchers and vases, chandeliers and lamps, mostly out of silver, and find quite a market for their goods. I have a wonderful delicate vase by Pete Aquisto, seen with his silver in these pictures at the NAME National in Houston in 1999

Pete at the National
silver on display
more silver

Don't forget the mechanic in you. People make all sorts of miniature settings, some in houses, some in room boxes, and I have seen some very realistic gas stations, with the mechanic's shop connected, and a car parked by the pump. Since many people create scenes of times gone by, old washing machines and hot water heaters, tubs and scrub boards are needed, too. What about crocheting? You can make antimacasars and doilies for chairs and end tables, or sew a quilt or make a bedspread for a four-poster bed, with all the draperies and curtains required for that. And for a lovely flower centerpiece, you can't beat Helen David's masterpieces. She was a florist before she became a miniaturist. Now she not only arranges flowers, she makes them as well. She is a great teacher, and shares her knowledge with others. I cannot duplicate her floral pictures, so to see them go to: Smaller Than A Breadbox

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